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area nyc 

pop up shop & App design

A pop up shop that embodies the spirit of the brand. Resembling the 80's club/art exhibit "Area," the space will invite in those who are curious, fun, and glamorous. 

Design: Alyssa Davis

render 5.jpg
rooms_25742294_area-retail-space 2.jpg
render 7.jpg
render 6.jpg
retail 1.jpg
rooms_25742351_area-retail-space 2.jpg
rooms_25742357_area-retail-space 2.jpg
rooms_25742371_area-retail-space-2 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.52.42

Using the Adobe XD software, I designed a retail app and curated a photo shoot for the fashion label AREA to compliment the pop up shop.    

APP designer/Creative Director: Alyssa Davis 

Photography: Emma Craft